Charterlimited.com is a website that has been providing information about health and fitness products but you must consult your physician before using any of these products. Health conditions of different individuals differ from one another and we do not recommend the products on the basis of individual health conditions. We suggest your product on the basis of general experience of different users and therefore you should not consider it especially for yourself. That’s why we recommend you to consult your professional health trainer or doctor before you choose any wake up program for product from the list provided by us.

All the content provided on a website is just for the purpose of information. It is based on the reviews and experiences of different users and we do not guarantee about its 100% authenticity. You should not consider this content as a medical advice but it is General information. Besides that, do not replace us with your physician because after all, we are only providing you the reviews about some products but we are not providing you proper health facilities. You must visit your physician off and on so as to know whether your body is in healthy condition or not.

Copyrights of all the content mention in a website are reserved by us and you are not supposed to share your content with anyone else. It is just for the purpose of reading and it is not for sharing or copy. If you will copy material of our website then you may have to face some legal procedures.

Moreover, we do not have team of doctors who can personally to search about products and who can test those products in the labs. Therefore, we do not currently about the effectiveness of any product recommended by us. In fact, the product recommended by us on the basis of the experience of different users but these are not recommended after having recommendations by positions or health experts. However, we are trying our level best to maintain the standard of our website and to provide you the most relevant and accurate information about all the products that we recommend. You can choose the product recommended by us with full confidence because none of our customers has been disappointed so far.

Another important thing to inform you is that we have been working as an affiliate site. It means that we earn the profit for every product that is sold through us. However, we are not dealing in any sort of scam reviews just for the purpose of earning profit because we give value to your health. We are not the owners all manufacturers of any product being sold here but we have just been working as a middle man between you and between manufacturers of these health related products.

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