12 Classic Pilates Moves

The best way to lose 18 pounds in 3 weeks is to combine simplicity with psychology. Remember simple rules to achieve the end goal .

A diet without “white” product to meet the challenge

This feeding method is found in different diets. Do not eat: starchy foods , potatoes, fatty dairy products, white bread, pasta or white rice. The idea is to avoid hidden sugars. Snob products with a high glycemic index.

Water is the best drink

Drinking only water can be difficult but still beneficial. Avoid alcoholic beverages, beers and sodas. As for fruit juices, they are sugar concentrates . Otherwise, squeeze lemon into water and do not add sugar.

In detox, lemon water burns fat and has a diuretic effect . Ideally, drink it on an empty stomach and before each meal. With a juicer, make natural juices with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Consume the same meals every day

Limit your meal choices quickly. Choose lean meats (chicken, fish). Otherwise, eat hard-boiled eggs or fat-free beef. Without restriction, accompany the meat of vegetables. Vary the flavors with wok cooking or steaming.

Do not hesitate to use aromatic herbs instead of salt. The trick is to promote vegetables with a consistency similar to that of starchy foods : lentils, white and green beans …

Give yourself a little pleasure once a week

At the end of the week, indulge yourself by eating what you want. However, if you throw yourself on fried burgers , dripping cheese pizzas, double chocolate ice cream or lemonade, know that the weight recovery is immediate.

It would be wise to limit caloric intake and make a small diet the next day to limit the damage.

How to lose weight ? Simple tips and advice

Eating slowly allows you to be hungry less quickly and ensures better digestion of food. Exercise every day: 1 hour slow-pace skipping rope allows a 70 kg person to burn 563 calories.

Reducing the amount of meals ensures weight loss. For that, eat in small plates. It’s a psychological effect that works. To encourage you in your efforts, weigh yourself every week and take your waist. The before / after difference will motivate you more.

As you talk about your slimming program, you make a commitment to yourself. You only want one thing: do not disappoint anyone. This helps you keep motivation to lose 18 pounds in 3 weeks.

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12 Classic Pilates Moves
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