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In addition to having a woody and warm scent , the essential oil of ciste contains incredible virtues not to be missed. If it fits in your first aid kit, it must also be part of your beauty products. Zoom on this miracle oil!

The benefits of the essential oil of rockrose for the skin

Among the main properties of the essential oil of ciste, one can quote its cicatrisant and anti-haemorrhagic effect. In other words, it stops the bleeding and firms the tissues . It is ideal for wounds and fat burning because it avoids germs and relieves pain.

Moreover, its virtues are also at the service of your beauty because the essential oil of ciste is a natural anti wrinkle that also fights against stretch marks.

How to use the essential oil of rockrose?

For effective use of the essential oil of ciste, you can mix it with other vegetable oils . So :

– In anti-wrinkle beauty care and to reduce acne: 1 drop of essential oil of ciste in 4 drops of vegetable oil. Massage your face 2 times a day without touching the eyes.

– In firming oil and anti-stretch mark, to apply after pregnancy and not during breastfeeding: 50 ml of sweet almond oil and 8 drops of essential oil of ciste to massage your belly, your arms and your legs.

– To moisturize damaged feet or hands: prepare a balm to apply at night with 25 ml of shea butter and 30 drops of essential oil of rock rose.


Warning ! The essential oil of ciste is forbidden to the pregnant woman during her first trimester of pregnancy, to the nursing woman of less than 3 months and to the babies of less than 3 months. In addition, this oil contains biochemical components allergens (limonene, linalool and geraniol) not recommended for sensitive people.

Always remember to buy a pure organic oil whose composition has been verified . Do not hesitate to test the oil by applying 2 drops in the hollow of the elbow and wait 24 hours to see if there is a possible reaction. If you are on anticoagulant therapy , seek the advice of your doctor before using it.

Its marine freshness and its virtues make the essential oil of ciste a product to have at your home for a multitude of applications.

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