8 Weight Loss Mistakes

Both women and men, regardless of their age, are often looking for a slimming method for easy , fast and effective weight loss .

For those who have a motivation to all tests, the sports regime is an intensive program, which ensures to lose nearly 9 pounds in 15 days provided you follow it strictly and consume only authorized food.

The sports regime for ultra-fast weight loss

This slimming diet is based primarily on a special lunch and dinner menu , consisting of protein and vegetables, but devoid of carbohydrate and low in fat . During this intensive two-week program , tenacity is required.

In case of small cravings, it is better to avoid the snack of the morning or the snack of the afternoon . We must stick to the composition of each diet menu and consume only each food listed, excluding any starch, the smallest candy or any seasoning too fat.

The only drink allowed during this treatment will be water, in addition to tea, coffee or herbal teas without sugar .

Sample breakfast for two weeks of sports regime

For a burn fat effect and limit the number of calories on the day, you have to adopt this breakfast every day :

– tea or coffee without sugar – grapefruit – 2 dairy products at 0%

Example of lunch and dinner for 15 days to lose 9 kg
Day 1
Lunch : a salad of tomatoes with grilled meat Evening : a green salad with lemon, grilled white meat and grapefruit

Day 2
Noon : as many grapefruits as you want and a grilled red meat Evening : a salad made of tomatoes , cucumber, celery with a thin baked fish

Day 3
Lunch : a salad of tomatoes, two boiled eggs with spinach in branches without cream Evening : cabbages cooked with meat and a dairy at 0%

Day 4
Lunch : a salad of tomatoes with spinach sprouts , accompanied by a grilled turkey cutlet Evening : a salad of tomatoes and cucumber, with two roasted lamb chops

Day 5
Noon : hot or cold green beans, with roast chicken Evening : soup or vegetable soup, with lean fish

Day 6
Lunch : red cabbage salad and artichoke heart, with two slices of ham Evening : a salad of tomatoes, celery and cucumber with a grilled steak

Day 7
Lunch : tomato salad, with chicken and dessert grapefruit Evening : tomato salad and cucumber, with a steak

Day 8
Lunch : spinach and raw tomatoes in salad, and two ribs of lamb Evening : endive salad with a steak

Day 9
Lunchtime : a green salad, lamb’s lettuce , lettuce or mesclun , with a steak Evening : a lean fish grilled in the oven, then a yoghurt or fromage blanc at 0%

Day 10
Noon : raw tomatoes in salad, braised endives in the oven and dessert grapefruit Evening : a green salad and two slices of protein of your choice (ham, poultry, turkey, etc.)

Day 11
Lunch : a salad of steamed or grated carrots, one or two boiled eggs, light cheese Evening : a fresh fruit salad and a 0% dairy

Day 12
Noon : raw tomatoes in salad with lean fish Evening : fennel and celery in salad with grilled cutlet

Day 13
Lunchtime : a green salad with grilled chicken Evening : endives cooked in the oven or steamed, with two slices of smoked trout or salmon

Day 14
Noon : red and grilled meat, then for dessert a grapefruit Evening : cucumber salad, radish, red cabbage, with two slices of ham

Day 15
Noon : raw tomatoes in salad with baked fish Evening : cabbage in salad, grilled meat of choice and a dairy product at 0%

During this intensive program, the pounds fly away quickly but it is worth avoiding the yoyo effect . To avoid taking lost pounds, it is advisable to gradually reintroduce each food: fruit, fat, gluten, bread, cereals, etc., not to mention to practice physical exercise and cardio to keep an athlete’s body on the long term.

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8 Weight Loss Mistakes
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