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3 swimming exercises to refine the size

It’s no secret that swimming is a complete sport that solicits all the muscles in your body without tiring the joints. Here are 3 exercises not to be missed for a finer size!

What can be done to refine one’s size during a swimming session?

The benefits of water on your body are double. Not only does it have superior air resistance that requires you to work harder, but it also massages your body to refine and sculpt your figure. Swimming allows to have more elongated muscles and therefore more harmonious.

To have a slimmer waist, just do some cladding exercises in the water and pay attention to your breathing.

Choosing the right swims

Indeed, some swims tend to work more the area of ​​size and this is particularly the case of crawl and back crawl . With the crawl, the movement of the arms makes it possible to work the obliques . So, during your swimming session at the pool, get the water as far as possible and catch all the water you can with your hands and forearms.

In this way, you strengthen your abdominal belt with an efficient sheath.

Exercise by the pool

Swimming is good but doing more focused exercises is better. Take a break between your lengths and stand upright and hands resting on the edge of the pool. Raise your right leg sideways and rotate . 15 large circles in one direction with 15 circles in the other direction.

Then alternate with the left leg.

Muscle abdominals to reduce waist circumference

Always in your upright position and straight with water up to the chest, plate your back and rest on the ledge. Bring your knees one after the other to your chest: blow up and then inhale down. Remember to do 4 sets of 30 moves with 30 seconds of recovery between sets.

You can also lie on the surface of the water and kick your legs to complete this exercise and enjoy a draining foot massage.

These 3 exercises are very simple to perform and will allow you to refine your size in a few weeks.

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