10 Foods That Promote Weight Loss

You will need motivation, to lose your pounds and especially without taking them back later . But nothing impossible, it is enough for that of will, of a regime quite strict and of prudence not to suffer from deficiency. Here are our tips.

A must: the regime

Can not lose weight so quickly without a real diet . This is to reduce your daily caloric intake by 500 calories or 700 or more: your diet will change! It is generally advisable to remove all carbohydrates.

It goes for refined sugars and all the products that contain them (pastry, cakes, sweets, hidden carbohydrates of processed products) but also for a large part of carbohydrates called “slow” or “complex”, bread, pasta, cereals, etc.

Between a fat-free diet and a diet without sugar, the most effective is the second: if you no longer have carbohydrate in the blood, the body will no longer need to produce insulin, responsible for cravings and therefore snacking .

Bet on protein and vegetables, allow yourself a little whole grain , lean dairy products. Banish the sweeteners as well.

Another obligatory passage: the sport

You will not burn your 7 kilos without playing sports! The cardio activities are the most indicated: fitness, cardio, zumba, pumps, crawl if you like swimming sessions. Your activities should allow you to burn calories easily.

Vary the exercises if you get tired, and try to find one or two friends to do these sports sessions with you: the eyes of others help to stay motivated.

How to avoid weight gain?

Your intense 10-day program can not be sustained: you risk deficiencies and the wear and tear of your motivation makes you run the risk of cracking and nibbling.

Stabilizing your weight means aligning your energy expenditure and caloric intake : you can therefore slightly lower the pace of your workouts (not too much), and resume a normal diet, eating balanced. You still have forbidden foods: fast, processed, hidden sugars, sodas must remain banned.

You can make a list of authorized foods and those tolerated in small doses, and start looking for recipes to vary your menus without “cracking” for junk food . Doing your weekly menus in advance works well too.

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10 Foods That Promote Weight Loss
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