11 Awesome Benefits of Stretching

The cabbage soup diet is draconian and requires a stabilization phase immediately after following it, to limit a very common yoyo effect in many people.

Organize an effective stabilization phase after the cabbage soup diet
Generally, this diet lasts between 5 and 7 days. Beyond that, it is considered dangerous. Then you have to go to a second step of getting your body to eat all the types of food and go back to a normal diet, even with care.

Returning suddenly and without transition to a pre-diet diet is not recommended , because it may not only make up the pounds lost during these few days of diet … but also to take extra!

The stabilization phase will consist in continuing to consume cabbage soup 1 or 2 times a day, while introducing new ingredients every day : protein (fish variety, chicken, tofu or seitan if you are a vegetarian, steak of beef 5 to 15% fat …), basmati rice, lentils or chickpeas, red beans , green vegetables.

It is important not to increase your consumption of fruit right away.

Anticipating food rebalancing is fundamental

Lose weight drastically is one thing , being able to eat well while controlling his line in the long term is another. It’s time to (re) think about diet diet, but also cruise:

Focus on light cooking : pressure cooker, slow cooker …

Know the foods and activities burn fat to insert in his daily
Equip yourself to make healthy recipes: cookeo, thermomix …
Turn to organic food to enjoy the full benefits of vegetables, fruits, flowers …
Consult a nutritionist to avoid turning to supplements or capsules that we would not know
This task may seem difficult (more in any case than counting calories or diet to the letter), but it is important to eat well in life and feel better in one’s body. A long-term framework like the Weight Watchers diet can help people who need motivational support while being able to eat everything.

How to avoid regrowing?

Beyond dietary rehabilitation, it will be important to schedule 1 or 2 days of detox or fasting per month and to practice regular physical activity, which will be as good for the line as for health.

The concern with a diet such as that of cabbage soup is that if it is effective almost immediately, it tends not to keep in time and especially not to teach how to eat better and move.

It is therefore important to take advantage of the post-dietary transition phase to ask the right questions when maintaining the ideal weight that has been sought after.

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11 Awesome Benefits of Stretching
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