5 Adventurous Things to Do This Summer

Running is an activity that requires endurance . Its combination with bodybuilding not only increases the rider’s performance, but will also improve fatigue resistance.

To do this, it is important to choose the right muscle building exercises to perform according to the correct method.

The squat

Basic exercise in bodybuilding, the squat is ideal to promote muscle building in the runner. In addition to the quadriceps, and the glutes, it also requires the hamstrings and other leg muscles, not to mention the back and especially the spinal muscles, and the abdominal belt.

To take advantage of its benefits, it is important to perform this exercise correctly , by first taking a standing position, and a leg spacing similar to that of the shoulders, with the feet slightly oriented outwards, before proceeding to flexion series.

Always keep your arms straight forward, or your hands folded over your shoulders, keeping your elbows in a horizontal position. In case of need, the additional charge to succeed this exercise will ideally be around 40 to 50% of your maximum load.

Jumping rope

The skipping rope is also an exercise to integrate into the rider’s training program . With a support at the front of the foot, it effectively strengthens the calves; muscles essential for cushioning and propulsion.

Performed correctly, the jump rope quickly develops a much more elastic and dynamic stride . In addition to working on explosiveness and coordination, it also tones the entire body, provides more flexibility and improves balance.

To succeed in this exercise, it is important to choose a rope of the right length, from the ground to the shoulders. During the exercise, you must stay upright and perfectly wrapped, with the back well aligned.

The ideal would be to start by alternating the feet of support to facilitate the integration of the gesture, before continuing with the knee climbs and jumps feet joined.


To improve performance in running, do not neglect the work of the upper body, especially the lap strap which aims to gain the bust and frame the pelvis. Thanks to perfectly trained abdominal muscles, the energy transfer to the legs will be more fluid.

Regarding the frequency of exercise, it would be better to schedule a workout in one day out of two, with at least three sets of one minute, followed by a final series in addition that will be longer.

Contrary to what we think, bodybuilding is an essential tool for the runner. By increasing strength and resistance, it provides a good stride. It also offers better endurance, and helps prevent injuries.

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5 Adventurous Things to Do This Summer
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