How Many Calories Does CrossFit REALLY Burn?

Does the rower muscle the abs? Yes! Although this type of bodybuilding machine acts mostly on the back, it also develops the abdominal muscles – like most other muscles of the body.

You are told all about the benefits of the rower on the abs.

Which abdominal muscles are being used by the rower?

The muscles of the abdominal belt are decisive for maintaining balance and articulating the efforts of the legs with those of the rest of the body. The abdominal muscles are the best known, and solicited effectively.

But the obliques (large and small) located on the edges of the abdomen are equally decisive, ensuring a very upright posture, and allowing good rotation of the trunk. The erectors of the spine are on their lower back, and provide crucial continuity of leg movements.

These muscles are also important for the development of the buttocks.

How long and how to use the rower to strengthen the abs?

If a coach will tell you the right actions in the gym , the practice of rowing at home requires to know some rules to avoid physical incidents. As in any sport, it is first necessary to warm up, the exercise of the rower being demanding (80% of the muscles of the solicited body).

To develop the best muscles of the stomach , the right position is to stay straight , and the right gesture is to voluntarily contract the lap belt with each pull on the rope, which helps to develop muscles.

One hour of practice 3 to 4 times a week very effectively requests the abdominals , ensuring a fast evolution.

The other advantages of the rower

If it is good for the abs , the rower fortifies generally the whole body by the remarkable number of muscles solicited . In the opinion of all professional athletes, the rower is the bodybuilding machine par excellence to effectively maintain his cardio , and develop his endurance.

It is also a decisive device for burning fat, an hour of rowing eliminating several hundred calories. In the room or solo, the rower is accessible to all, offering beginners the opportunity to start slowly and gradually increase their performance.

An ideal all-around sport , the rower makes the abdominal belt work effectively and offers you the benefit of developing virtually all the muscles of the body. With a little motivation, you will quickly see a before after on your body!

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How Many Calories Does CrossFit REALLY Burn?
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