The Summer Abs Workout

Contrary to popular belief, brisk walking can play on your weight . Not only good for the cardiovascular system, it actually burns more calories than we imagine.

How fast does it take to get thinner and enjoy the benefits of this activity?

What training program to put in place to lose weight sustainably and effectively?

Brisk walking: an unsuspected energy expenditure

If running is the sport that allows the fastest burn fat and calories with 850 kcal per hour of activity, brisk walking is not left behind. Indeed, at fast pace, walking eliminates up to 300 kcal per hour.

Although less tiring and violent for the joints, this physical activity also avoids opening the appetite . Thus, it is quite possible to lose weight by walking every day (even invest in a treadmill for rainy days where the desire to go out is not felt).

The brisk walking (and especially Nordic walking) solicits all the muscles, thus promoting the tonicity of the body. Seniors and pregnant women can also practice it without problems, making it the most affordable physical activity.

It does not require any more particular equipment if it is not good shoes even comfortable sneakers.

At what pace and how often do you walk to lose weight?

With a treadmill, you can easily control the pace you are moving which keeps you going at a steady pace throughout the session. The important thing is to walk at a speed of about 6 or 7 km / h for at least an hour, every day, in order to slim down really . Do not hesitate to go to the bakery, take the children to school or pharmacy on foot, as soon as possible.

If you do not have the motivation to go out to walk, the treadmill at home is ideal . Indeed, you can very well install it in front of the TV and so exercise while watching your series, for example! What to slim down without even making any special effort.

A carpet allows walking at home, even when the weather does not allow to go out. This leaves the possibility of physical exercise every day, summer and winter, and therefore to lose weight permanently. Your body will become more and more firm and toned, including your calves, your thighs and your buttocks.

A simple daily walk will make you lose weight, provided you do parallel attention to your diet.

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The Summer Abs Workout
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