How Much Cardio to Burn Fat?

Sport has always been the answer to all those who wanted to lose some weight. But to eliminate 18 pounds in 6 weeks (or 3 kg per week), it is a different matter.

It is now a question of following a draconian diet, combining physical activities and an extremely different diet. What is the program?

The diet to follow

To achieve your goal, it will not only need to change the type of food you are used to consuming, but also reduce (3 times less) the quantity. At breakfast, eat only 20g of bread, yoghurt and hot water or tea without sugar.

This will help you start your day in too much trouble. At lunch, be sure to eat some lean meat (steak, fish or poultry), stir-fried vegetables and a fruit.

At dinner, one or two fruits and water will be enough . You will have to give up your snacks at any cost, whatever they are. But above all, eliminate the sauces (animal oil, ketchup, mayonnaise, …) of your meals.

Accelerated weight loss with sport

Anyway, this diet will not be enough. At best, you will lose 1.5 kg per week. Thus, it will take physical effort twice a week for 30 min to 1h (depending on your endurance).

Exceptionally for those days when you will be physically active, eat a full breakfast and a starter lunch (rice, for example). This will help you hold on during the exercises.

In this regard, simple exercises will be perfect: jogging, push-ups, abs and cycling. Make your body sweat, because it is a sign that you have burned your fat.

It would be ideal to lose 400 kcal, the equivalent of 5 km of jogging . One last thing: do not do 2 days of successive exercises to let your body rest.

Psychological support as motivation

How not to flinch? One of the options is to organize regular meetings with people in the same situation as you. A professional should supervise you. The purpose of these meetings is to talk about the progress of the regime and get advice from others . It would be wise to play sports together to motivate yourself even more.

Losing calories by following a diet and doing exercises is just the tip of the iceberg. The challenge is not to fall back into your bad habits . For that, do not hesitate to join groups of people who share the same problem.

The Weight Watchers program is one of the most successful examples.

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How Much Cardio to Burn Fat?
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