The True Meaning of Paleo

Sports diet often rhymes with lean meat, because refueling is of utmost importance to sustain the effort and build muscle well.

But it is also possible to do intense exercises or not by being vegetarian . But for that, he know the authorized foods and especially those that allow to practice sport without risking deficiencies.

To be sporty and vegetarian

Supporters of the omnivorous diet sometimes think that meat deprivation by vegetarians and vegan has disadvantages in terms of protein intake.This may be true if you do not follow a few dietary rules to prevent possible lack of energy during workouts.

This can result in horrible muscle wasting, fatigue and discouragement. In this case, the weight loss process may be interrupted or worse, you may experience the dreaded yoyo effect.

Fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals are already provided by fruits and vegetables . These are the good sources of vegetable protein that must be found.

How to fill up with protein when you are a vegetarian?

This is always the question when one comes to the subject of the vegetarian sports diet. Legumes such as soybeans, peas, beans and lentils are the best sources of protein.

But there is also spirulina, nuts, tempeh, tofu, quinoa and all the whole grains . If you are not vegan, just vegetarian, fish, egg and dairy products are strongly advised.

How to follow a vegetarian sports diet?

Prefer to concoct easy recipes at home and in your shopping list, there should be only fresh and organic products. Remember, you must consume a maximum of nutrients to lose weight with the sport by being vegetarian . Otherwise, you will not hold.

This is valid for both a man and a woman. Never skip any of the 3 meals of the day or taste it either. You can choose fat-eating foods like green vegetables for each menu, but you should not forget carbohydrates and proteins.

Typical Menu for a Vegetarian Sports Diet

Day 1

Green tea
2 slices of wholemeal bread + almond puree
1 glass of soy milk
The morning snack

1 slab of rice + sesame puree

1 plate of corn salad and red beans with olive oil
1 bowl of quinoa
1 grated carrot
1 apple
Afternoon snack

1 dessert cream with almond

1 plate of parmesan cheese
1 bowl of zucchini soup and lentil
1 slice of pineapple
Day 2

Cinnamon tea
45 gr of muesli + almond milk
1 large bowl of fruit salad
The morning snack

1 handful of pistachio

1 plate of chickpea salad with tomatoes and rapeseed oil
Seaweed tartare with spices
1 slice of rye bread
2 kiwis
Afternoon snack

1 glass of smoothie with beetroot

1 plate of steamed broccoli
Firm and silky tofu
1 pear
Day 3

Black coffee
45 gr oat flakes + soymilk
1 banana
Morning snack

Some almonds

Tofu and vegetable quiche
2 slices of wholemeal bread + pistachio puree
1 mango
Afternoon snack

Some dried fruits

Velvety veggie of chestnuts and courgette with turmeric
1 glass of soy milk
Sweet tabbouleh with citrus

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The True Meaning of Paleo
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