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Dry is a precise and particularly demanding program. Unlike a conventional weight loss diet, it requires a special diet, in order to lose fat, while maintaining muscle gains obtained during the period of weight gain.

Here is a menu of indicative dry for beginners.

Example of a typical menu

Adopting a specific diet, which keeps the muscle mass obtained during the period of mass gain is essential as part of a dry diet. It is then a question of favoring the products which favor the muscular definition.

Here is a menu with dietary supplements to lose weight and meets all these criteria.

  • Breakfast: – 50 g of wholemeal bread – 50 g of ham – 1 egg – 20 g of hard cheese – 1 fruit
  • First snack of the day: – 35 g of dried fruit – 20 g of protein powder – 5 g of almonds
  • Lunch at noon: – 200 g of raw vegetables – 100 g of chicken breast – 3 tbsp of olive oil – 40 g of basmati rice
  • Snack to take an hour before the effort: – 15 g of protein whey – 40 g of whole bread – 10 g of walnuts or almonds – 25 g of honey
  • Dinner: preferably in the hour after the effort in the evening – 80 g of semolina or pasta – 200 g of cooked vegetables – 100 g of fatty fish or red meat – 2 tbsp of rapeseed oil
  • Snacking before bedtime: – 10 g casein protein – 200 ml semi-skimmed milk linseed

How to succeed in your dry diet?

A small development is necessary to succeed a dry diet . The first reflex to adopt, whether for a man or a woman, with or without complement, will therefore be to distribute food rations in 5 to 6 express takes during the day, as indicated in the menu above.

To avoid too fast weight loss that will eliminate fat mass at the same time and muscle mass, it is important to monitor the intake of carbohydrates, protein and fat, especially for vegan.

Taking dietary supplements is also recommended to fill any nutritional deficiencies . Finally, do not forget to hydrate yourself with at least 1.5 liters of water in the day without product, and 1 extra liter during each training session.

A dry diet, what is it exactly?

Spread over a few months, the dry consists of a period intended to eliminate the maximum fat , making sure to keep the maximum muscle mass during the step of the mass gain. For beginners, it is useful to specify that the objective of this program is to define and bring out the muscles as much as possible.

It is important to distinguish it from the classic weight loss diet that aims to melt and eliminate excess fat, reduce waistline and refine the silhouette, without worrying about the conservation of lean mass . In a dry diet, care should be taken not to melt the muscles.

The way of approaching the diet, both in terms of diet and training, will therefore be different.

For an effective dry diet, a beginner must turn to a diet that, in addition to reducing fat, will maintain muscle mass . To this will be added targeted intensive weight training exercises.

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This Service Could Change The Way We Buy Health Trackers
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