Detecting Parkinson’s Disease Early

Woman or man, are you determined to do intensive sports in order to lose 10 kilos as quickly as possible ? Whether it is a cardio exercise, interval training, bodybuilding or other, a low calorie diet very rich in nutrients is essential to achieve your goal in 2 months.

Practicing endurance physical activity for visible weight loss always involves a well-balanced, well-adjusted diet.

What are the permitted foods?

The advantage of using sports to lose weight is that you will not be forced to follow a food restriction. On the contrary, you have to include all food categories in the program to get all the energy you need for the effort.

On the other hand, the quality of the food is even a factor to take into account. Even if the intake of sugar in lipids are essential. You have to know how to choose good carbohydrates and good fats. Foods such as lemon and pineapple are preferred, as are green vegetables and many fruits such as lemon and pineapple.

And above all, do not forget the lean proteins such as white meat without skin, fish, seafood, dairy products and legumes .

As you can see, dietary ingredients must be in order. No meal can be zapped, you must even take a snack (dried fruits or nuts) during the morning and afternoon to stay in shape at all times.

It is advisable to prepare easy and nutritious recipes at home to have the guarantee of healthy food. Always opt for organic and fresh products.

To complete these weight loss tips with a good sports diet, find here some ideas for menus to eliminate 10 kg in a few weeks.

Menus for sports diet to burn 10 kilos

Day 1

Sugar free tea
45 gr of cereals + skim milk
2 yogurts at 0%
1 apple

Chicken breast without grilled skin
Steaming broccoli
1 raw tomato
1 mango

Grilled veal cutlet
Rocket salad
1 slice of pineapple
Day 2

Coffee without sugar
45 gr of muesli + skim milk
1 serving of lean white cheese
5 strawberries

2 eggs omelette
Bleached spinach
1 grated carrot with olive oil
1 pear

Cabbage soup
2 pork skewers
1 slice of grapefruit
Day 3

Cinnamon herbal tea without sugar
2 slices of lightly buttered wholemeal bread
1 large bowl of fruit salad

2 slices of lean ham
Bleached artichokes
Cucumber and tomato salad with rapeseed oil
2 kiwis

Velouté of squash
1 grilled fish
1 lawyer
Day 4

Green tea without sugar
45 gr oatmeal + skim milk
2 plain yogurts
1 banana

2 boiled eggs
Boiled lentils
Italian salad
1 orange

1 lamb chop
1 raw tomato + onion and parsley
1 ramekin of red fruits
Day 4

Coffee without sugar
45 gr of muesli + soymilk
1 serving of lean white cheese
1 tangerine

Grilled steak
Green beans cooking steam
1 grated carrot
1 pear

Vegetable soup
2 poached eggs
1 lawyer

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Detecting Parkinson’s Disease Early
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