New Genes Linked to Alzheimer’s

Losing 5 kg in just 18 days is an ambitious goal, but achievable by combining a healthy and balanced diet with the practice of a sporting activity.

Rule # 1: consume food that satiate or GI low

Protein is an ideal appetite suppressant . Turn to a high protein diet (Dukan) for a short time. The body then draws in its reserves of lipids and carbohydrates to make the muscles work. Consume lean meats and light dairy products .

Otherwise, the Weight Watchers program focuses on foods with a low glycemic index : lean protein, fiber … To lose 5 kg in 18 days, promote a healthy diet, which prevents you from taking back lost pounds quickly.

If not, how to do without depriving oneself? Chrononutrition invites you to eat whatever you want in rationed quantities . Just observe the times and the time intervals between meals to lose weight naturally: breakfast before 8am and dinner before 18h.

Rule # 2: play sports to eliminate fat

Increase your calorie expenditure through sport. Practice a gentle physical activity such as walking to work the whole body , including the thighs. Privilege stairs instead of the elevator.

Practice skipping rope or swim. Otherwise, to burn even more calories, a cardio sport (running or gym training) can do you the greatest good.

With a 40-minute jog, you’re already burning 350 kcal at a moderate pace. Everything will also depend on the metabolism and the genetic profile of each, also the hormonal upheavals suffered by age (example: menopause).

Rule n ° 3: adopt simple tips to quickly and well lose weight

Limit the sources of sodium. In fact, excessive consumption of salt promotes water retention and develops cellulite. Reducing salt allows you to lose belly fat.

In the event of a difference in food (a dessert that is too caloric, a meal that is too thick), a light diet the next day allows you to limit weight gain.

Example of a typical day to lose weight

The breakfast must be the same every day: 1 fruit (except grape and banana) with 1 glass of lemon-free water without sugar. For lunch, you can consume a boiled egg , 200 ml of natural yogurt 0% MG and an orange.

For dinner, choose the raw vegetables: 2 fresh tomatoes and half a cucumber with 2 boiled eggs and 2 wholemeal rusks. If you must consume meat, grill, steam, water or oven without fat.

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New Genes Linked to Alzheimer’s
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