Signs You Look Sick

Playing sports solo can be a source of questioning, hesitation, stagnation, but not everyone has the opportunity or the time to join a club or use a personal coach.

Fortunately, you can now rest easy and intuitive applications to guide you in your training . Which ones?

Hercules bodybuilding

This is an app that is aptly named. After all, nothing is more inspiring than a hero of mythology whose musculature is matched only by his courage. From your iphone, you will be able to discover in detail this app so popular with bodybuilders around the world.

What is she proposing? It’s very simple: a good hundred different and varied exercises that you can use to create your own training program, with or without equipment.

What can we work with Hercules? With such a panel of exercises, it is the whole of your musculature that you will be able to develop, at will, zone by zone …

You will select your objective and your level, the free app takes care of the rest also keeping in mind your progress ! In room or at home, Hercules is a real assistant and sports coach.

Domyos E Coach

This is the favorite app for women. It is specially dedicated to fitness and presents in a simple and detailed way about fifty complete and accessible exercises at all levels.

You will have access to many fitness sessions on which to support you to do sport at home at your own pace . These sessions are filmed in a gym located in the town of Lille. The little “plus” of this application is its interactivity.

Indeed, if you follow the course live, you get advice but especially encouragement provided by a professional coach.


Sworkit is nothing more than a personal yoga coach! Yoga is an activity that we do not necessarily think naturally when we want to get back in shape but this app should change the game.

Yoga is an ideal activity for all athletes, of all levels. It allows you to work your muscles, your cardio, your flexibility, while emptying your head.

In summary, it is the best choice to combine sport and relaxation. An alternative that has become indispensable in our active and stressful lives! Sworkit guides you step by step in this discipline to which you will quickly taste. Especially since you can decide on the duration of your session: between 5 minutes and 1 hour. The app offers you exercises adapted to the duration of your session.

All these apps for iOs devices will really change your life and allow you to progress without losing a gram of your motivation!

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Signs You Look Sick
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