9 Things to Expect from Your Weight-Loss Journey

After your pregnancy , you may be in a hurry to lose weight to finally find your fine line . Above all, do not go too fast. You should not take any chances for your health because it could affect that of baby.

Help yourself with our advice to lose up to 17 pounds after giving birth.

You are already lighter after birth

With birth, you have lost the weight of the baby, placenta and amniotic fluid, and your body begins to recover (decrease in the volume of the uterus, blood, breasts, etc.). A weight loss that can be around 10 kg, so that there are only 7 left to eliminate.

You must first remember to recover from your fatigue and adapt to your new lifestyle with your baby. Do not diet if you are breastfeeding: breastfeeding is exhausting for your body and makes you lose weight naturally .

Instead, bet on a diet rich in vegetables : they keep you in line and thanks to their antioxidants, they have a positive effect against fatigue and stress .

Eat light at night

You should avoid eating starchy foods at dinner. A little meat (white preferably) or fish and a light salad, but no heavy meal in the evening. You can also have a seasonal fruit salad at dinner or a vegetable soup.

Take dairy products to avoid the calcium deficiency you need. Cook yourself, with fresh and good quality ingredients, and make sure to hydrate yourself.

When to start a diet?

From the third month after birth, you can begin to review your diet by lightening it, without coming to a rate of calories too low. If you are still tired, do not force it: remember that breastfeeding draws on stored fat stores during pregnancy.

Do not make too restrictive a diet : it will require a lot of motivation , and you risk to take again those kilos right after.

Do you help the sport

After giving birth, you can walk as a sport. But wait for perineal re-education before resuming more demanding physical activity. You can then return to the pool: swimming will relax you while helping to reach your goal . In the water, you can do many exercises without danger to the joints. Add to that cycling, jogging or yoga.

After giving birth, your body has been sufficiently upset, so it would be wise not to rush it again. To lose weight permanently after pregnancy, a good dose of motivation and patience will help you and you will lose those pounds in a few months . And if you want to go faster, take the trouble to seek medical advice.

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9 Things to Expect from Your Weight-Loss Journey
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