Get Motivated: The Benefits of Outdoor Exercise

The goal of the draconian diet is to lose weight quickly and effectively . Whatever the type of person, man or woman, it is certain that the motivation must be at the rendezvous. In order to be able to wait on the concessions that will have to be made and to achieve a satisfactory result.

To help you design your menus during this diet, here is a 2-week low-calorie diet plan.

Reminder of the consequences and dangers of the scheme

Before discovering the draconian meals , but also to prepare yourself psychologically, it is important to be aware of the consequences that this method could entail.

Starting a low calorie diet to lose weight quickly , is usually effective, but only for a limited time. That is to say, the time of the cure. In addition, it is important to know that this type of method proves dangerous, because it upsets the metabolism (all the chemical reactions that take place in the body), as well as the basic metabolism (energy spent at rest by the organization).

From the first days, there will be great risks of being subject (e) to great fatigue, loss of water (result of the first few pounds lost), feeling hungry constantly accompanied by frustration.

In addition, the elimination of caloric foods rich in nutritional elements, such as bananas (rich in magnesium and potassium) , will cause nutritional deficiencies, which will have an impact on the immune system. Not to mention, that if you plan to play sports during this cure, to burn fat , you may not be able to spend a long time on a treadmill.

Draconian menus 2 weeks

For people with specific motivations and still wanting to do this diet, with the goal of achieving rapid weight loss . Here is the presentation of draconian meals.

Day 1
Breakfast : a bowl of 0% white cheese, accompanied by red berries .
Lunch : a chicken cutlet , accompanied by steamed spinach.
Dinner : 2 boiled eggs, served with a tomato.
Day 2
Breakfast : a slice of chicken breast, accompanied by a cooked carrot cut in a slice .
Lunch : two sole fillets , accompanied by broccoli and mushrooms.
Dinner : a natural yogurt, accompanied by a bowl of strawberries .
Day 3
Breakfast : a bowl of 0% white cheese , served with pieces of apple.
Lunch : 1 large steak, accompanied by a green salad, a tomato and a cucumber .
Dinner : a cup of cabbage soup .
Day 4
Breakfast : a slice of turkey ham, accompanied by a fennel cut into quarters and seasoned with lemon juice.
Lunch : 2 boiled eggs, accompanied by steamed spinach and broccoli.
Dinner : a natural yogurt , served with a fruit salad (apple, pear, peach and red berries).
Day 5
Breakfast : a natural yogurt, accompanied by a pear.
Lunch : a chicken leg, accompanied by a mixed vegetable soup (leeks, fennel, cauliflower, kohlrabi and zucchini).
Dinner : a salad made with raw vegetables.
Day 6
Breakfast : a boiled egg, accompanied by a bowl of grated carrot.
Lunch : a fillet of beef , accompanied by green beans steamed.
Dinner : a natural yogurt, served with a bowl of melon.

Day 7
Breakfast : a bowl of 0% white cheese, accompanied by a fruit salad . Lunch : two turkey cutlets, with a vegetable mix (broccoli, spinach and carrots) steamed. Dinner : a cup of cabbage soup.

Note: for the following days, that is to say, day 8, day 9, day 10, day 11, day 12, day 13 and day 14, we will follow the same menu as the one of the first week. On the other hand, from day 15 on we will start to reintegrate foods rich in calories.

Day 15
Breakfast : a natural biscotti , a natural yoghurt and an apple.
Lunch : A lean fillet of fish, served with potatoes and green beans steamed .
Dinner : a salad made with raw vegetables.


If you are used to it, you can drink a coffee or unsweetened tea at breakfast. Keep in mind that you must be sure to drink water between meals and not to nibble , no difference is tolerated during the cure!

Do not hesitate before starting any diet to seek the advice of a dietician, or even your doctor in case of medical history .

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