6 Outdoor Workout Hazards

Practicing the bike is largely good for the knee . This cardio exercise is essential to treat knee pain and diseases. Unlike some sports like tennis, skiing, football that are dangerous for the health of this joint, cycling is an effective way to restore it.

What are the benefits of cycling on the knee and under what conditions to practice it to better benefit from it?

Benefits of cycling on the knee

Whatever type of practice, road bike, elliptical or exercise bike , the sport has more advantages than disadvantages to the health of his knees. Indeed, the knee is a fragile joint, it is much sought whenever we walk or practice certain sports.

Excess weight and the current pressure exerted on the joint cause damage to the cartilage and further strain the ligaments.

So how does the bike benefit the knee? Cycling does not require much strength especially on flat terrain. By pedaling, we perform a discharge action, which allows not to carry the weight of our body.

Thus, by the pedaling movements, we help the joints of the knee to recover by making them work slowly and without pain.

Using the bike for knee health?

Certainly, the bike has advantages for the knee, but it should be used judiciously not to cause tears or aggravate an existing pathology. First, avoid climbs . Driving on this type of environment requires a lot of forces, which can lead to increasing pressure on the joints.

Practice on a level ground or practice the elliptical or exercise bike. These two training methods are generally recommended for the treatment of chronic pain related to knee injuries: bursitis or tendinitis.

So is it bad to start cycling without seeking the advice of a doctor? If you have knee pain, first consult a qualified professional to identify your problem.

The list of activities indicated for your case will be suggested to you, you must strictly follow this program.

Some tips

In case of knee pain, always ride while standing straight, feet flat on the pedals and most importantly, never lift the heels. Also avoid leaning on the handlebars. If you are used to practice high intensity workouts, this can cause trauma. Especially the elliptical can aggravate tears such as patellar tendinitis, hence the opinion of a specialist is necessary.

Finally, take time to recover between two workouts.

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6 Outdoor Workout Hazards
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