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The sport is made to take care of his line and his health . And there is a pretty easy exercise to build the body and lose weight: active walking. But today, we will focus on the fast home walk that is done for all those people who want to eliminate unnecessary pounds by staying at home.

Is this a method as effective in terms of weight loss as walking outdoors ? Answers right away!

Does fast running at home make you lose weight?

There are two choices for you: walking on the spot or on a treadmill . It is clear that active walking on site is not as intense as that performed outdoors or even on a carpet. But it still allows to maintain a fairly high heart rate. Thus, you can provide more effort and therefore burn more calories . Jogging on the spot at home is also a great way to relax the body, work the muscles without attacking them.

On the other hand, if you have a treadmill. Just set the machine so you can get the pace you need for active walking and you’re done ! It’s as intense as an outdoor walk and it’s easier to do.

Tips for an effective home fast walk

You must start each training session with a basic walk of at least 5 minutes . Then you can gradually increase the pace. If you are a beginner, 30 minutes of exercises per session may be enough, but think to exceed them as and when without setting a limit. The more you do, the more calories you’ll burn and it’s perfect for thinning. Active walking can be done every day or every other day depending on your availability.

If you use a treadmill, it will be more obvious to do the activity. On the other hand, jogging on the spot can be more complex, even if it is not really the case. Just know the right techniques. For the posture, avoid leaning forward at the risk of blocking your breathing and having the famous point side. Stay upright and begin to move the same movements as for walking quickly, but without moving forward.

To add intensity to the program, put your arms on your head while doing active walking on the spot.

Other benefits of brisk walking at home

In addition to being a good cardio training , active walking at home not only helps to lose weight healthily and durably, but also strengthens muscles. It improves blood circulation, the functioning of the respiratory system and prevents many diseases. In addition, the brisk walk on the spot has the merit of being totally free.

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