Our Team

Our Team

Meet the team members of Charterlimited.com who are not only professional but they are highly experienced. We are really proud to have such devoted and hardworking members in our team who have earned their reputation because of their excellent services and who have well known personal identities. Let’s know about who are the members in our team.

Jenine- our Author

Jenine is a great lady who is the author of this website. She belongs to USA and she is really devoted to improve the health and fitness among individuals. She is really playing a great role in promoting fitness and making people aware about the best method that they can adopt for reducing your body weight and for getting rid of obesity. Once in her life, she had gone through health issue and that time, she realizes that one day she will serve for the well-being of individuals and for improving their health. She is a personal trainer who has been running her own clinic where she trains individuals what we should eat and what we should not eat. She provides diet plans according to the weight, height and health conditions of individuals. She has provided her services as a physician to many hospitals and fitness related organizations.

Other team members:

Not only our author but our team members are also devoted to improve the health of individuals. They have been playing the role by providing the best services in their specific field. All the team members are highly experienced and they like to respond to your queries lightly and positively. When you will come to interact with our customer support service providers, you will have a great experience and you will come to notice have polite and friendly they are.

The best thing about a customer support services that is available for 24/7. Actually, timings are different in different parts of the world and in order to make us available for the people of any area of the world, our customer support services work in 24/7. You can either contact us through email or you can call us if you have any queries.

Research Team:

We have some members in a research team who gather information about the latest products related to weight loss and fitness. Not only they find search for us but they also research about real experience of different users. When they find positive reviews of the users then we work on that specific product otherwise we ignore it and move forward.

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