Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The purpose of this privacy policy is to ensure that all the information that we will ask from you will be kept private and we are not going to share it with any third party without any legal intention. In this privacy policy, we are going to know about important aspects like which information do we collect and how do we utilize it.

Which information do we collect?

We may I ask for some specific information from users because of some good purposes. The following information can be collected from our users or visitors:

Personal information – your personal data for example, your name, address, postal address and location can be asked from you. You are supposed to provide true information to ask otherwise it will cause a delay in the provision of services.

Email address– we may retrieve your email address. We can either as you directly to provide your email address or we can retrieve it through cookies and cache.

Phone number– we may also ask you for your phone number. You must provide your phone number that is in working. Otherwise you will not be able to contact us in any way.

Order information – when you are going to place an order in a website for you are signing up for our services, we may ask you to provide some additional information for example shipping address and billing address. Such information must be true otherwise you will not be able to receive the product that you order.

Payment information – if you want to make purchases from a website then you will have to provide payment information to ask for example your credit card number. Do not worry because your information will be kept credential and it will not be shared with any third party.

How do we use information?

All the information collected either directly from you or retrieved from different platforms is selected for specific purposes. Here we are going to explain why we collect information from you:

Usage information– we can collect information from different platforms so as to know about your interaction with our website. It will help us to know about analytics and to know which sort of content you are interested in. In this way, we will be able to show you what you want to find out so as to save your time and provide you the most relevant information.

Device information – we may collect information about the device that you have been using in order to browse our website. This information includes your IP address, device type, operating system version, and browser type. It is used so that we can get to know from where we are getting traffic. We collect this information so as to improve our services and to serve you in the best possible way.

Location information – We may ask you to provide information about your location or even we can retrieve such information directly from third parties. The purpose of getting location information is to show you the products that are actually available in your area and to facilitate you in the best possible way.

In simple words, every piece of information that we collect from you is just for the purpose of improving our services and it does not have any legal purpose. You must have lost because you are not going to share your information with anyone but your privacy is guaranteed.

Why do we share information we collect?

There are circumstances when we need to share your information with third parties. There are the following ways in which we can share the information we collect from you:

With your consent – we may share your information with your consent for example, you are asked to allow us for doing so and if you choose to allow us then we have the right to share your information.

With technical service providers – we may provide information collected from you to technical service providers however; there is no need to get worried because information will be kept safe. Technical service providers are highly professional and they promise not to make use of your personal information for illegal purpose.

To Facebook page– sometimes we may collect information about your social media profiles and it can be shared with the team members were managing a Facebook page. It is because of the reason that they can send you promotional items so that you can learn about recent discount and deals.

Compliance with law– we also have the right to share your information to law enforcement all government parties. It is for the reason of complying with legal process and for complying with legal obligations.

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