8 Ways to Stay Healthy This Winter

Running is an excellent sport for health . It solicits all your muscles , especially those of the legs . This muscular activity requires energy to burn and oxygen to consume, something that will have beneficial consequences on health .

We invite you to discover the eight best benefits of this activity.

1- Improve the cardiovascular system

The heart, like all muscles , must work to make it stronger and to increase its stamina. The best way to solicit him is a run. Indeed, the more intense the physical activity, the blood circulation is important , your heart thus works more and its bodybuilding becomes more and more strong.

Thus, the risk of blood pressure decreases and the level of bad cholesterol (LDL) decreases. This is only good!

2- Lose weight in current

Losing weight is a loss of weight by burning a maximum of fat . For that, a good running will be of great use for you. However, to find his normal weight is obviously not easy, you must observe some basic rules in practicing this activity: to adopt the rhythm that suits you, to opt for training of short durations while maintaining the same pace, to motivate oneself to have endurance and stay active and regular as much as possible.

3- Running strengthens bones and joints

The new clinical studies have shown that regular running increases bone density thanks to a high calcium intake , it allows to produce the synovial fluid essential to the flexibility of the joints.

In this way, the risks of osteoporosis or fracture are limited in men and more particularly in women in the menopausal stage.

4- Running helps evacuate stress

Running outdoors without constraints is the best way to get rid of stress . During this activity, several hormones responsible for our well-being are secreted, which relaxes us and gives us the feeling of relaxation. Just look for that nice feeling after each race session.

5- Running improves the quality of sleep

Lack of sleep is a problem that has bad consequences; fatigue, stress, low profitability … It is often linked to inactivity, obesity, back pain or certain diseases. Recent studies show that insomnia can be treated simply when playing a regular sport such as running . Just choose the pace that suits you to get there.

6- Reduce the symptoms of depression

The antidepressive virtues of running have become a reality. Indeed, several recent studies show that this endurance sport could replace antidepressants to reduce the symptoms of depression.

7- This is great for morale

Despite the high energy costs during a running session, we come back with the feeling of being happy. Some sports psychology specialists explain this through vigorous mechanisms that let the brain turn the sensation of pain into a pleasure that makes morale excellent .

8- A good ally for your skin !

For all physical activity , muscles need energy and oxygen. The circulation of the blood becomes important in all the organs of the body . The skin is also affected by re-oxygenation, which favors the production of collagen . This substance is necessary for the formation of cells, for the regeneration of the skin and its natural appearance.

Practice running regularly and properly, can only have beneficial effects on your health . It will act positively, both on your figure and on your psychic. This practice gives you the feeling of lightness, self-confidence, esteem and pleasure . Not a moment to lose, to your sneakers!

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8 Ways to Stay Healthy This Winter
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