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Waiting for a baby is a perfect moment that we all enjoy. This is a delicate moment, as it usually leads to weight gain . It’s good for the baby, but it can be devastating for the mother’s health after delivery.

Sport is therefore an important thing to not neglect, but you have to be careful and be content with authorized movements. Zoom on squats and their effect on pregnancy.

Why are squats to avoid when you are pregnant?

It is not recommended during pregnancy to practice this type of movement. Indeed, this can lead to complications especially if it is deep movements sumo types. First, it can cause back pain which will be very unpleasant.

Then this can cause serious injury that will prevent you from moving properly. Not to mention the pain it can cause. Since anti-pain is quite complicated for a woman who is expecting a child, it is best to avoid any injury.

The recommended exercises for pregnant women

Physical activity can always be practiced without any worries. Some sports are just to be avoided like sports that impose blows for example rugby or team sports in general. You can go walking or running at your own pace, of course.

Cross Fit can also be practiced with care . You can also ride an exercise bike or an elliptical trainer . Muscular sports are also allowed.

Avoid sports requiring dumbbell lifting or HIIT exercises. Take care and pay attention to the signs that can show that your body is exhausted. If you can, attend a professional to advise you on appropriate sports and a program tailored to your situation.

The benefits of sport on pregnancy

Playing sports when you are expecting a piece of cabbage is very appropriate and it can bring a lot to your body . Firstly it allows to have a better posture which avoids knee or thigh or back pain for example.

It also improves self-confidence, morale, and blues. Not to mention the lower risk of gestational diabetes. Sport also helps reduce the effects on the body after childbirth. You will have less cellulite and calories to lose after giving birth. The fitness will be faster.

It is not necessary while waiting for a baby to stay in bed or on a chair all day. You can work out with physical activity as long as it is allowed by your health and your doctor . Avoid some disciplines.

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