The Apple Watch Might Make Your Fitness Tracker Obsolete

Among the most simple physical activities to do and accessible to all , brisk walking has the merit of bringing many benefits to the pregnant woman : it tones the muscles of the body , improves digestion, has an anti-stress effect, helps to the well-being of the baby, helps to lose weight after giving birth …

This gentle activity is also one of the best exercises that can be done throughout the pregnancy.

An excellent sport during pregnancy

There are many positive effects of this exercise in pregnant women. Strengthening the cardio respiratory and cardiovascular system is indeed a good cardio exercise. Decreasing or eliminating the risk of clashes on the joints or ligaments, it replaces the jogging very well and thus allows those who continue to move.

Because it helps maintain a certain shape and keep a toned body, doing this activity during pregnancy is also a way to prepare one’s body for childbirth .

Limiting weight gain, it is also an ideal activity to eliminate a little fat . Another benefit of exercise: it can be practiced until the end of pregnancy as your form allows.

Pregnant woman: how to practice brisk walking?

Although suitable for all pregnant women, it is always advisable to seek the advice of your doctor to assess your physical abilities for a kind of sport. Following these tips , you will know how to establish your program and your pace, especially from the third trimester of pregnancy.

In practice and in general, the ideal is to schedule a session of half an hour approximately every day. Nevertheless a training program with three sessions is also a good frequency .

For your outings, choose non-bituminous soils, as well as non-slip or non-rough terrain . Also, avoid polluted environments and do not forget to wear appropriate sports shoes.

An ideal activity for less sporting

“I’m not very athletic, can I still put myself to this sporting activity during my pregnancy? “. Of course, unless specifically prescribed by the doctor. To get started, you can start smoothly at a moderate pace, and then increase your pace.

If you have a little trouble, help yourself with a stick . As in Nordic walking, this one will allow you to benefit from a certain thrust and to reduce the articular pressure on the lower back, the ankles .

A trick to spare his efforts is to alternate a few minutes of reduced pace and vivid pace.

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The Apple Watch Might Make Your Fitness Tracker Obsolete
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