The Easy Stretch You Should Do for a Better Workout

If you do not know it yet, the Seignalet diet is rather to be treated as a health plan rather than a strictly slimming diet . Even if, in fact, by feeding you better, you will inevitably lose those pounds that ruin your life.

Understanding the Seignalet Diet

It is a doctor, Dr. Seignalet who is at the origin of this fairly strict food program, it must be said. Dr. Seignalet has spent time observing the effects of everyday foods on our health.

He believes that only a complete ban on the most medically harmful ingredients can help people find their fitness weight and keep it while staying healthy.

The result is a long list of banned foods and a much smaller list of licensed foods.

What will I find in the list of authorized foods?
The list is finally quite succinct:

Raw meats and cold cuts
Eggs, if they are very little cooked such as omelette slobbered or boiled
Raw fish and seafood / shellfish
Green vegetables and pulses, if they are steamed
Dried fruits, fresh fruit and honey
Salt and sugars (complete)
Rice, spelled and buckwheat
Chocolate, but only dark chocolate
The big family of legumes and sprouts
Water, tea and coffee
From this list, how can I compose my breakfast?
Prepare a good breakfast without deficiencies and quite simple:

A smoothie with varied fruits
Gluten-free bread (about 45 grams) with a little almond butter (about 8 grams)
By varying the chosen fruits and the type of milk (plain soy or vanilla flavored, chocolate, etc.) you have enough to prepare 3 different breakfasts that you will never get tired and will certainly be full of vitamins ! No need to use dietary supplements here . Even calcium is present thanks to soy.

To find innovative ideas, draw in a vegan or vegetarian diet book . It is often a gold mine in terms of originality and variety.

Am I at risk of deficiencies?

No, as you can easily see in the list of permitted ingredients, you find a little bit of everything. Only will change the way you consume each family of foods. By cons, it is true that cereals will not be on the menu in the morning because very harmful to the line , as for health elsewhere. The same goes for jam that contains white sugar and not red.

This diet, although surprising in some respects, is nonetheless balanced and its benefits will go well beyond your figure. Your digestion and your health will evolve . Of course, you will also lose weight. Your weight loss should begin in the first days. Consider, in parallel, to do a little sport to complete your approach.

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The Easy Stretch You Should Do for a Better Workout
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