What Dudes Don’t Ask Their Docs

The high-protein sports diet can be followed by a man or a woman , whether one is allergic to gluten or not, but especially not vegetarian or vegan, since proteins are ubiquitous.

With this intensive and dietary program, weight loss is fast, easy and sustainable, as long as it is limited to authorized foods.

High protein diet: list of authorized foods and banned foods

To know what to eat during this slimming cure, here is a menu idea for each meal: breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and dinner.

Typical example of breakfast – a hot drink of herbal tea type, tea or coffee without sugar – cottage cheese, an egg or ham for protein – fruit for a carbohydrate intake In case of little hunger, it is possible to add a banana as a snack in the morning.

Sample menu for lunch

For fast results without counting calories , you have to respect each category of food. The effect burns fat will be at the rendezvous.

– a protein of your choice : a hard-boiled egg, ham, lean meat – a starch of your choice : rice, pasta or potatoes (the equivalent of a bowl) – steamed vegetables – sheep’s or goat’s cheese for the intake of lipids => This meal will be cooked without adding fat and without seasoning other than salt or aromatic herbs. Only still or sparkling water is allowed as a drink. Afternoon tea is optional depending on everyone’s hunger : a hard-boiled egg , a slice of ham.

Example of dinner and licensed foods

– 150 g of protein : fish (salmon, cod , sea bream, trout), or meat (turkey, veal , chicken) or ham – raw vegetables without seasoning – a fresh fruit salad for dessert , with a lean milking => It is possible to drink a berry infusion, antioxidant green tea , a tomato juice, or a pomegranate juice.

Express menu to follow this high protein sports diet

Because it is not always easy to diet and limit the yoyo effect , here are some ideas to adopt daily to simplify the task. Breakfast : a coffee, then a boiled egg and a banana to take to the office Lunch on the run : a slice of ham with tomatoes, easy to slide in a lunch box Dinner : a grilled escalope with a salad made of lettuce , tomatoes, celery => To avoid cracking the afternoon, it is better to provide a bottle of water with a zest of lemon to drink all day, and a small banana to bring the carbohydrate intake.

This sports regime is essentially based on dietary rules and a high protein intake in order to no longer have this sensation of hunger. Then just remove the sugary, processed, fatty and industrial foods, while practicing some cardio for quick results on the scale .

The ideal is, of course, to combine this program with sports such as brisk walking , running, cycling or swimming. Sport strengthens the tone of the whole body but brings considerable benefits to the mind.

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What Dudes Don't Ask Their Docs
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